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Peter Julian Launches Leadership Bid with Bold Vision for 21st Century


New Westminster, British Columbia, February 12, 2017 – Hundreds of people filled the landmark Columbia theatre and cheered as MP Peter Julian confirmed he is standing for the leadership of the federal New Democratic Party. Julian is the first candidate to put together the team, the funding and the base of support across the country needed to launch a campaign.

“I want to lead the NDP to make a difference. We need to change the way we do politics, said Peter Julian. “This campaign is not about one person being in charge; it’s about all of us taking back our power.”

First elected in 2004, Peter Julian has a well-deserved reputation as a skillful organizer, as one of the hardest-working MP’s and a solid team player. As Caucus Chair and House Leader, he played crucial but often unheralded leadership roles.

With today’s announcement, he has clearly stepped out from behind the curtain to present a bold vision for the 21st century to the NDP and the country. It is a vision of grassroots empowerment and mobilization that reflects his role as a community organizer and social justice activist.     

Declaring that we stand at a crossroads, Julian called for significant action to prevent climate catastrophe and rebuild the country on a foundation of fairness, inclusion and real reconciliation. “When we look at the founders of our movement what stands out is their courage and vision,” Julian declared. “Times have changed and the challenges facing us are different. But what never changes is our courage to speak truth to power and our determination to build a better world.”

Julian drew a clear line in the sand - calling for a rapid transition to a sustainable economy, an economy founded on social justice and renewable energy. He described Prime Minister Trudeau’s claim that building raw bitumen export pipelines goes hand in hand with fighting climate change as complete nonsense. “You can’t go up and down, left and right, forward and backward at the same time. We have a clear choice to make; my choice is a future for our children – and our children’s children.”

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