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This year marks 150 years since Confederation. There will be events and festivities all across the country throughout 2017. But a sombre note will underlay the celebrations. Our country rests on a shaky foundation: the forceful colonization of First Nations land and First Nations people.

What does real reconciliation mean to you? How can we build a fair and equal relationship between Indigenous peoples and settlers as promised in the early Peace and Friendship treaties? How can we make real the UN declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples which Canada is a signatory to?

There have been so many promises made – and so many promises broken. This is your opportunity to be part of the solution.


  • commented 2017-02-23 11:07:24 -0500
    The Liberal’s lost all my respect and any faith in their calls for a renewal of respecting values of the First Nations, when they gave their support of the Kinder Morgan pipeline and renewed same for the Keystone XL. I currently live in an area of Canada (South Bruce, Ontario) designates as a prime site for the disposal of nuclear waste. (Adaptive Phased Management) Both the industry and government had said that such a project will not proceed without first consultation with the Saugeen First Nations, a poor municipality , who may just get bought out by an industry with deep pockets. As an example, my municipality alone, has been given $400,000 by the Nuclear Waste Management (NWMO) just for being co-operative in “learning process” of APM.

    I feel this is an unethical process that should be reviewed by Parliament.

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