We need to end the Liberal false majority government of major betrayals

I am one of the fools who voted for the Liberals last election because I really believed in Justin Trudeau. And I am in Papineau riding, so I put my naive, idiotic X by his name, not another Liberal candidate's name. Can you imagine how I feel now? I think Justin Trudeau should pay for his long list of betrayals with his seat. I will get strongly behind whatever candidate has the best chance of taking his seat from him, or at least giving him a run for his money. IF the NDP comes out strongly in favour of proportional representation and runs a strong candidate in Papineau I will work hard to help that person TAKE JUSTIN TRUDEAU'S SEAT. And in terms of the NDP leadership, I will vote for whoever is most likely to run a strong, hard campaign to remove the Liberals from power in 2019!

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  • commented 2017-03-15 12:50:47 -0300
    Great story Mary! I’m sure you are not the only one feeling betrayed by Justin Trudeau.
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