NDP must focus on the financial HOW of change

I also support major NDP goals including eliminating gross inequality, transitioning to a green economy, providing national day care and pharma-care, etc. Many others do as well but are not convinced that the NDP knows HOW to deliver on this, especially on the financial front. There are strong economic arguments for this change but one rarely hears these from NDP leaders. In the recent first leaders debate, only Guy Caron mentioned the need to explain and promote the HOW. Denouncing Liberal broken promises doesn't cut it. They won in 2015 because their economic plan was more credible than ours, especially given our implausible no-deficit budget plan, while promising increases in government programs after a decade of Harper cuts. Financing proposals that did exist were buried in background documents and inaudible on the campaign trail. The HOW can happen but only if the NDP makes it front-and-centre in their outreach. Thank you!

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