Electoral Reform - a government that represents every citizen.

The current system which delivers our government back and forth into the hands of the Conservatives and Liberals does a poor job of representing Canada's interests. It leads to partisan solutions to countrywide problems which always have a chance to be reversed by the next government. This leaves Canada's progress at a stalemate for many issues. A balanced system that proportionally represents all voters would likely result in far more minority governments and the electorate would have to learn to work together in order to hold the stability of Canada's government. It wouldn't be quick, but progress never is. Justin Trudeau says that a system like that would divide us. I think it would put Canadians in a position where we could no longer ignore the problems that people we disagree with experience, and the only way to tackle our own problems is to ensure that theirs are equally focused on. It wouldn't divide us, it would bring us together in a new understanding of one another's perspectives. I believe little is more essential in a time when partisan lines are as clear and wide as the current political atmosphere is showing.

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