Climate Change is Real


Climate Change is Real – It is Happening Now. We Need To Act Now.

Canada is at a crossroads. We can be part of the transition to a sustainable low-carbon world - or join Donald Trump in dragging humanity toward the cliff of climate catastrophe. Never has the question: “Which side are you on?” been more critical!

Stopping raw bitumen export pipelines and toxic fracking is a start, but where do we go from there? We need alternative energy. We need new ways of working, new ways of moving and new ways of living. Workers in the energy sector and their families must not bear the brunt of the transition. In fact they must be at the centre of it!

What gives you hope? What worries you? What does this transition look like to you?



  • commented 2017-02-20 20:58:40 -0500
    I think the transition off fossil fuels can, and needs to, make life more affordable for ordinary people. One example of this is making public transit much better, and reducing transit fares. We can do it, and we must do it. Some of the steps are obvious, like shifting funding away from urban highway expansion to transit – billions of dollars every year. I wrote about this in the Vancouver Sun
  • commented 2017-02-19 22:27:31 -0500
    Let’s Ban fracking, stop all new pipelines, invest in green energy technology both in the private and public sectors.

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