I will be supporting a candidate who proposes basic minimum income.

Basic minimum income is a tenet of a true Socialist party. It is an equalizer of wealth which takes money from those who earn more than they deserve and passes it on to those who are in desperate need. Basic income immediately lifts every Canadian out of poverty, giving hard-working people the just boost they need to train for a better job, go to school, start a family, or finally be able to save for a home or contribute to an RRSP. It is simple and effective. I am a real New Democrat, and I support real Socialist principles.

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  • commented 2017-04-15 00:47:41 -0300
    Bravo, Michael. I also plan on supporting such a candidate and I agree it is high time to question just how progressive someone can be while opposing it. You may want to check out my thread on here from earlier.

    I think the problem is people being stuck back in the 50’s and the old paradigm of strong unions and means tested safety nets, adding in a dash of irrational “right wing” conspiracy theories.. Some even argue, like Rick Salutin in today’s Toronto Star, that the program that allows workers to withdraw their labour without starving will somehow give the employers more bargaining power!

    New and interesting video put out by BICN:

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