A moderate foreign affairs policy, particularly in the Middle East

Canada has long struggled with an international policy that both respects the independence and rights of individual nations, while being realistic about the existence of threats to international security. In my opinion, it is both short-sighted and unwise to ignore the threat of global terrorism ever-present in the world these days, however Canada must set an example as a moderate voice for co-operation, peace and compromise. Therefore, as NDP leader I would like Peter to champion an international policy that sees Canada continue to support our allies such as NATO in the defense against this threat; while doing so, we will be in a much better position to have a voice against unnecessary interference and excessive force. In the Middle East, I would like to see Canada continue the good work of Jack Layton and Tom Mulcair in standing up for the sovereignty and security of Israel against constant bomb and rocket attacks, while also encouraging both Israeli and Palestinian interests to come to the table and forge a path toward independence and human rights being protected on both sides. An independent Palestinian state must be the goal of our position in this region, however independence can only come when the Palestinian Authority is prepared to work with Israel and end all terrorist attacks within their borders.

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    As a former Naval Officer, defence and International policies are very important to me.
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