Universal Basic Income

Myself and a lot of other millenials work in STEM fields, and find a future of automation and roboticization not only inevitable, but an exciting prospect. We do not believe that meaning in life comes from one's day job, but from the freedom to explore our passions, to become better educated, and to function in society without financial struggle. That's why many of us agree with technologists who are calling for Universal Basic Income. With so many jobs being automated, we believe this should free up the general population to work less, and to have more time to spend with their families, or to pursue education and hobbies, to contribute to society in ways other than working hours. You spoke last week in the Montreal Youth debate about combating increased automation with jobs, but I don't believe this to be a sustainable long-term strategy. In fact, it may stifle innovation and put undue pressure on our society to work when there is less of a need. I want a leader who looks at a bright technological future for our society.

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