Progressive drug law reform.

It is a huge waste of tax money to criminalize people for non-violent drug crimes when we could be spending that money on socially beneficial things that make Canada better for everyone. I'm glad marijuana will eventually be legal in Canada but it doesn't go far enough. There should be no limit on the amount of plants you can have. It is a helpful, safe plant that should be widely available in many ways to all who want it. Current drug laws ruin people's life. My dad was arrested for marijuana trafficking and he still has that on his criminal record and it has restricted the kind of jobs he can be hired for. I feel it was unjust that my dad and my family were put through so much suffering due to unjust drug laws in this country. Something I wish policymakers knew is that psychedelics are very safe and low toxicity and would also be a good candidate for legalization. They are not physically addictive and spiritually important to many people like Pagans like me. Not many people know that other currently illegal drugs are also not physically addictive such as ketamine and MDMA. I understand that drugs like cocaine, heroin and other opioids, meth etc are physically addictive and ruin lives but I don’t think criminalizing people suffering addiction is an ethical thing for society to do. It leads to more deaths because you cannot test their drugs for contaminants legally. People should have the proper access to mental healthcare and support services to overcome addiction but I am just sick of this dishonest, racist, classist “war on drugs” that ruins so many good people’s lives. Marijuana and psychedelic use is not harmful and should be easily accessible and legal for people to use if they choose. No one should promote addictive drugs like meth but we need to help the people on it make sure they don’t have a dangerous tainted batch without fear of getting in trouble. I blame the drug war for the fact that so many people are dying of ODs this year. These people cannot wait for drug law reform!

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