Transgender Canadians' access to healthcare

i percieve the biggest problem facing the trans community (my community) to be the fact that transgender Canadians do not have equal access to healthcare. Whether seeking transition related care, such as access to life-saving hormone replacement therapy, or just going to a walk-in clinic to get antibiotics for the flu, trans Canadians face bigotry and ignorance from doctors who were never trained on how to treat trans people and who hold outdated understandings of gender non-conforming Canadians. My NDP is an NDP that stands up for the most vulnerable Canadians and trans Canadians, especially poor and racialized trans Canadians, make up one of the most vulnerable populations in the country. From employment discrimination, to housing discrimination, to police discrimination, transgender Canadians are disadvantaged in many fundemental ways in Canadian society. In order to effectively help the government needs data. As Statistics Canada does not collect statistics on our transgender citizens the only reliable data that exists is that collected by the academic research TransPulse Project in Ontario, a useful but geographically limited source. It is shameful that the government still does not collect statistics on trans Canadians in 2017; it is as if the government is saying we do not even exist. The following are my reccommendations for developing a trans healthcare strategy: 1) I would like the NDP to pledge to fight for the collection of statistics on trans Canadians in opposition and in government. 2) I would also like the NDP to call for a study on transgender access to healthcare across the country, with the aim of bolstering access in areas that are underserviced. 3) I would like to see the drugs used in hormone replacement therapy (estradiol, spironolactone, etc) included in any pharmacare program proposed. 4) The NDP should immediately pledge to create gender neutral federal ID so that every Canadian can have ID that reflects who they are.

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