Leap Manifesto

As we, as humans, become more aware of the increasing apparentness of climate change impact on our economy, limited resources and infrastructures - it is clear that Canada as a whole cannot sit by and wait to feel the full brunt of impending climate change before taking action. Think of the Titanic analogy, the ship officers knew they were entering a field of icebergs but waited too late out of uncertainty in darkness, before trying to change the ship's course from the iceberg. Unfortunately, we know how that turned out. The Leap Manifesto itself, as I understand, was written by numerous stakeholders from all walk of life across Canada that addresses the social division, environmental deterioration (as well as tragedy of the commons) and economic fragility (e.g. layoff of workers due to global prices of oil) across Canada. Materials provided in conjunction with the Leap Manifesto also shown how to pay for all the recommendations by simply re-orienting our spending priorities (e.g. halting subsidies for big oil and gas). The theme of the Leap Manifesto? A green economy will lead to stable employments, strengthening social bonds, and hardened environmental protection. Let's pretend that climate change turns out to be a hoax, would that mean we would create a better country for nothing? http://healthculturesociety.wikispaces.com/file/view/Climate-Cartoon.jpg/270817436/Climate-Cartoon.jpg

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