An evidence based approach to criminal justice

Our national experiment in prisons as the default solution to injustice produces few positive results, despite the average cost to Canadian taxpayers of more than $100,000 per year per prisoner, At the same time, this system does disproportionate harm to racialized and indigenous communities, to low income Canadians, and to Canadians living with addictions. We should be using this money in smarter, evidence based ways in order to promote justice. To that end, I hope to see a shift in federal funding away from prisons and toward other, evidence based solutions that achieve the goals of justice, rehabilitation, etc, as well as a review of all drug prohibitions, mandatory minimum sentences, and disproportionate sentences, Such a review should be conducted with a broad contextual understanding of circumstances of crime, prejudices that inform criminalization, and overall impacts of the criminal justice system, I'm not sure whether a Royal Commission, a Special Committee, or some other task force would be most appropriate for such a sweeping review, However, if the plan is to "be bold", a piecemeal approach might not cut it.

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