Affordable housing

It's not just Vancouver and Toronto. In the last 5years we have paid $65000 in rent. CMHC has made it impossible for people like us to buy a home. Make it easier to qualify for a mortgage.

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    A woman with 2 kids working at 12 dollars an hour and has to pay $1,400 per month rent *1000 sq ft to 850 sq ft’ and hours of work run 27 to 34 hours, 5 days a week. She has a temporary court order of $2,500 per month from ex husband who made $100 thousand last year and $150 thousand the previous year and is still working in the movie industry and he is paying her $200 to $285 per month. Of course she cannot go to court as no money to do so. The guys health has not deteriorated so the only explanation is, he is funneling his money through some company or he has cut a deal with the collection agency. I don’t expect you so answer or give advice on this scenario, however I think this is useful for you to know what is actually happening to women in this day and age and don’t assume life is good and we all think we are middle income or that all is well in the social aspect in Canada as your predecessor assumed . There is no reason for this to be going on. When we have money for jet planes, weapons and war. This is only one woman’s story, however there are many, many more who are in worse situation.and if our politicians keep ignoring this, don’t wonder why Trump was elected in USA and Brexit happened along with Marie le pen gaining support in France and Wilder in Holland. As you sit in Parliament it is probably quite easy to think all Canadians have at their disposal all that you have. " This post is not for the Public"
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