Proportional Representation

Making every vote count opens the door for all the other progressive policies that the majority of Canadians support, and is the norm for modern countries: 9/10 OECD countries already have some form of proportional representation. In 2015 the majority of Canadians voted for parties that promised to make every vote count, and since then the Electoral Reform committee has demonstrated that this is what the majority of experts recommend. In consultations across the country Canadians have voiced their support for PR, and just last week the largest official petition to the House in decades demonstrated that this is what Canadians are passionate about with 130,000 signatures. Since its 50th birthday, Canada hasn't had a 2 party parliament. Since its 100th birthday, Canada hasn't had a single party win 51% of the vote. For its 150th birthday, Canada needs to adopt a proportional system that reflects our diversity.

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