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Average Canadians are tired of the government and their corporate interests and your party offers an alternative. The debt load and lack of jobs should be the number one priority. A platform based on bank and electoral reform would be a  one that would be well received by most Canadians.  Restoring the Bank of Canada back to its original purpose, which was to fund infrastructure with no interest would greatly assist the economy and bring more control to the people and create jobs.  The Trudeau government failed its promise to bring in electoral reform and this disappointed thousands of Canadians.  We no longer have a democracy.  We would like to see a referendum giving us a few options.  This would need to be followed by educating people on these options.  I prefer the Swiss system based on holding referendums.

The Leap Manifesto needs to be revised in order for you even be considered an alternative party.  Energy costs have skyrocketed and this is the reality for most of Canadians.  This reality has to be addressed. 

I don't believe in free tuition because this leads to abuse.  Control in terms of student loans would be another consideration.  Extended times for repayment at no interest rate after completion of educational programming is another option.  Grants given to programs that fill current and future job market needs.  The whole education system needs to be reformed but this is a big issue to tackle.  I would like to see more mentorships, work related experience for credits and more involvement with businesses.  More focus on job ready skills rather than extending more years of education. 

Like most Canadians, I do not have prefered party I support.  Each party has its strengths and electoral reform would hopefully bring all these strengths forward.  Canada's future depends on a strong middle-class.  Past governments have failed to address policies that protect this.  They have created policies that support large corporations.  We need policies that support both public services and small to medium sized businesses as they are the ones that pay the bulk of the taxes.  As such, we continually get hit with more tax burdens.  This has to stop.

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